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For nearly 60 years, we have focused on helping individuals with addiction issues become productive members of society. Our unique systems have made us one of the largest residential treatment providers in the United States and we do it in a way that limits costs and produces results.

Our mission is to spread more healing and to expand recovery around the country. Our priority with a CORLATE ™ franchise is to assist the franchisee with their new center by developing high quality, affordable, comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs and to provide services that promote recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, personal growth, accountability, self-sufficiency and healing. We will help guide the franchisee by providing Crossroads’ 60 years of experience in this field.

Room to Grow

In response to the immense drug and alcohol addiction challenges in the US, we have are on a mission to help as many people as we can and do our part to fight the problem, while getting a return on investment.

  • Our model is being used at existing facilities allowing you to be in business as fast as possible with a seamless transition.

Vested In Our Franchise Family - We Operate Treatment Centers Too!

We value our franchisee relationships and are vested in their success and profitability through our model. Our parent company, Crossroads, owns and operates multiple large treatment centers, serving over 2,500 men and women annually, so everything from the balanced nutritional menus, to the treatment programs and  reimbursements have been evaluated and proven successful.

Outstanding System Achievements

  • 97% occupancy or better at every facility for the past 20 years.
  • Two new facilities opened in 2017 and 2018


Ideal Franchise Candidate

We are looking for individuals with business experience that are seeking a financial investment with a desire to help people recover from substance abuse. Our ideal candidate understands the importance of being the leader in social good for their city, their state and our country.

Financial criteria: Minimum of $750,000 Net Worth and $250,000 Liquid Assets per location.

Below are charts from our Franchise Disclosure Document. See the entire document for full details.


We will provide an initial training program for the managing owners and their manager(s). These individuals must successfully complete the initial training program to our satisfaction before opening for business. Other owners and employees may participate in the initial training, but it is not required.

The initial training program includes approximately 28 days of training at our corporate headquarters and/or a CORLATE™ treatment center owned by us at a location we designate.

This training will consist of two 2-week sessions. Classroom training will consist of 19.5 hours and on-site training will consist of 140.5 hours. The on-site training will allow participants to experience the day-to-day process of an operational substance abuse treatment facility. Participants will be trained and guided through CORLATE policies and procedures.

In addition to the training above, we will provide 3 days of on-site training at your center. We will also provide additional on-site training during the 3-month period after opening on an “as needed” basis, as determined by us. The on-site training is an informal training program where we monitor operations and assist with the opening and operation of the center.

Currently, we intend to offer the initial training program monthly. Depending on the requirements of your state, you may be required to complete additional training mandated by state authorities.

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