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Our Vision

We believe the kitchen should be the heart of the home, and the home should be full of heart. We are looking for people who want to run their own business with our help and support, so that together, we can realize our mutual goals. We are looking for people who share our values of Honesty, Integrity, Family, Craftsmanship and Quality.

Your Business Opportunity

An EatGatherLove Franchise is a very special business opportunity.  You will run a business that renovates kitchens in people's homes.  We provide the training, processes, support and systems you need.  Each franchise typically serves a city area with 500,000 population. Each franchise typically employees a business manager, a kitchen installer, and a sales person.  Of course you, as the franchise owner, might do one or more of those roles.  Note we can help you find a suitably qualified kitchen contractor if you don’t have the necessary skills and certificates. 

Success and Your Future

This franchise business allows you to be your own boss. You set your own pace and call all the shots. You will feel very satisfied knowing the effort you put in on a day-to-day basis goes directly to you and contributes to your success. Sound good?

Outstanding Support, Resources & Systems

Your franchise comes complete with our International award winning Franchise Management System (FMS), providing you with up-to-date information on your franchise. This system enables you to track and identify opportunities to improve your business, alongside our outstanding proprietary marketing systems.

Being Your Own Boss in 90 Days - A Realistic Goal?

Fact: being your own boss gives you more control over your lifestyle and the potential to make a lot more money if you’re successful. So why don’t more people take the plunge and start a business of their own? Well, the simple answer is that not only does it require some upfront capital, but it can be really scary to strike out on your own. Because of this, sometimes the goal gets pushed further and further back in time so that years can go by without any measureable progress. One way to get ‘unstuck’ in that decision is to make a goal and do your best to reach it.

But is making a plan to owning your own business within just 90-days smart or even realistic? First – it’s only smart if you do your research and follow some of the steps below. And you may be surprised just how fast things will move if you stick to a plan and don’t let doubt and uncertainty get in your way. By putting yourself on a timeline, you’ll be empowering yourself into action and driven toward a meaningful result.

Can it be done in just 90 days? Certainly – once you make the decision to get started. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form now.

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