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 How we stand out among others

  1. More is not always better: Have you heard the phrase, jack-of-all-trades, and master of none? Beware of other senior care franchises with multiple lines of service. This requires more training, more staff, more attention to potential regulations, varied required types of insurance, and on and on … Happier At Home focuses on doing what we do best; non-medical home care, care advocacy, and placement and management of medication administration machines - and being the best at it. This will make your company stand out among your competition.
  2. It’s All in the Name: The Happier At Home name conveys warmth and the desire for what everyone wishes to do; to remain in their home. As a matter of fact, we have new clients call all of the time and say that they chose our company to call from those that they reviewed because they love the name! The Happier At Home name is easy to remember and will prompt phone calls for service. After all, that is what their loved one wants to do, remain Happier At Home! Happier At Home has unique and attractive branding to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Best Marketing Materials in the Industry: We want you to hit the ground running, so we provide your website, marketing presentations, and pre-designed materials, all you need to do is print! All marketing materials have been professionally developed and will stand out among your competition.
  4. Low Overhead: We will show you how to run your business lean and mean! You may operate out of your home for the first year of business, saving on costs for rent, maintenance and utilities. We’ll show you how you can achieve favorable profit margins, and support you every step of the way.

The Industry

The aging of the population, combined with the prevalence of two-earner households of the children of the aged, creates a need for services for seniors and the disabled. This aging of society brings with it new challenges for individuals, families, and entire communities. This phenomenon creates an unprecedented business opportunity.

Revenues for the elder care services industry are approaching $320 billion, with home-based services to grow the fastest. Advances will be driven largely by demographic changes in light of increasing life expectancy, which is contributing to the rising number of individuals in the older population segments. Growth is further boosted by the large, post-World War II baby boomer generation entering their retirement years. Baby boomers hold $13 trillion in assets or roughly 50% of the United States’ asset base. The first of these baby boomers turn 65 at a rate of 8,000 people per day.

Additionally, the baby boomer generation has begun to reach the age range of elevated risk for Alzheimer’s and other dementias. As the number of older Americans grows rapidly, so too will the numbers of new and existing cases of Alzheimer’s disease. By 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to reach 7.1 million. This generation is now driving the market for senior care.

The Ideal Candidate

Those who have a passion for improving the lives of others and the deep commitment to the success of their business start off with a solid foundation from which to build.

Our candidates enjoy community involvement and high trust and high credibility relationships. For them, the enjoyment of owning a Happier At Home business is not only thinking strategically about the overall growth plan, but also thriving in a competitive environment with a deep commitment to success.

You are excellent problem solvers, capable of wearing many hats, set high expectations for yourselves and are always going to be looking for unique methods to grow your business.

A natural leader, you are well connected, and have an ever-increasing sphere of influence. Others naturally respect your leadership and come to you for advice.

If this sounds like you, Happier At Home will suit your compassionate and "go-get-'em" nature!

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