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Net Zero USA – Business Opportunity

“Reducing energy demand through LED Lighting Solutions”

Quick Business Opportunity Summary

NetZero USA is Green-Industry, B2B business opportunity in the Commercial LED Lighting market. Through a network of business partners, NetZero USA helps companies reduce their fixed operating costs (Reducing their Energy Demand) by choosing the right LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS.

Industry-Leading Solutions For Your Customers

NetZero USA is the first and only VERTICALLY-INTEGRATED LED lighting manufacturer. By managing our own design and manufacturing process, we provide NON-PRORATED WARRANTIES on all of our products.

NetZero USA’s line of LED products are Designed in the U.S.A. and engineered for Durability, long life, energy efficiency, and Ease of installation. Every NetZero LED is performance tested and certified to be standards-compliant by DesignLights Consortium.

A Real GREEN Business

Join NetZero USA in helping companies reduce their fixed operating costs by choosing the right LED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS. Since LED’s use only a fifth of the electricity required by a comparable incandescent bulb, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are currently among the most energy-efficient light sources in the world.

The NetZero USA network has already eliminated the demand for over 500 Million kWh, and we are still counting.

Business Partners, the Right Relationship

Our business model is built around sharing the rewards with our business partners. Instead of charging you a fee to join our network, we provide the training and support at no charge to you. In return, we ask that you take what you would have paid to us, and invest that same money in building out your own NetZero USA branded business. Paying it forward, we are true partners invested in your success.

Win! Win! Win!

Business Owner Win!

Realistic potential for a Six-figure(+) Income growing your NetZero USA branded LED Lighting business while helping other business owners reduce their Fixed Operating Cost.

Our Customers Win!

Through our NetZero USA Financial Division, we are able to offer innovative leasing options to provide funding, and help our customers avoid capital contributions towards their project.

The Environment Wins!

The NetZero USA network has already eliminated the demand for over 500 Million kWh, and we are still counting.

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