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Jamba Juice started out as a little juice shop with a big idea - that healthy living starts locally. More than 25 years later, Jamba has grown to become the market leader, providing premium, delicious blends to customers all around the world.

At Jamba, we’re known for high quality, convenient and flavorful blends that are made with real ingredients: whole fruits, vegetables, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. We continue to work tirelessly in our test kitchen to perfectly combine flavor, nutrition and innovation into every item on our menu; from our smoothies, to juices, bowls, and better-for-you snacks.


1. The Iconic Brand:
As a Jamba Franchise Owner, you will own your piece of the largest and #1 top-of-mind smoothie company in the United States. We’ve spent over 25 years building a brand that customers know, trust and are excited to incorporate into their healthy, active lifestyles.

2. The Simple Life:
Our stores have no hoods, stoves or grills. In fact, we only have blenders and a combo refrigerator/freezer. Typically, you only need 2 or 3 staff to run the store for each shift. This allows for a low stress, easy-to-execute and simple business model.

3. The Support Team:
Jamba Juice  has spent the last couple of years preparing for meteoric growth. One of the big initiatives here was building a extensive support franchise team who have proven themselves as true leaders in their fields and who have the ability to help drive bottom line increasing support to all our franchise owners.

4. The Pride in Product:
Jamba continues to develop premium smoothies, juices, bowls, bowls, snacks, and convenient, healthy meal replacements. We consistently collaborate with our Franchise Owners and then we blend and test, blend and test, blend and test; Our commitment to product innovation is a key strategy in growing market share for all Jamba Owners. 

5. The Profitability of Passion:
As a Jamba Owner, feeling fulfilled is just as important as creating wealth. In addition to providing an industry leading product to like-minded, health-conscious customers, our Owners feel great about the philanthropic options available with Jamba.


Our mission is to “inspire and simplify healthy living”. Accordingly, we’re looking for like minded individuals who share the same passion for helping others live a healthier, higher quality life. As a Jamba Franchise Owner you should share our vision for providing an industry-leading product and understand the importance that exceptional service plays in a businesses' success. We want to partner with Franchise Owners who are hungry to succeed, grow into multiple locations and who will take pride in owning their piece of the biggest brand of its kind. 

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