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Guidant Financial helps individuals secure small business funding to start, buy or grow a business. An industry leader in innovative business and franchise funding, we work with new and existing business owners to educate them on their options and create customized funding solutions. Our full suite of funding options includes 401(k) business financing, SBA small business loans and unsecured loans, as well as growth capital and other business services.

Invest in Yourself

Guidant Financial is a leader in small business financing, offering both alternative and traditional financing methods. Get pre-approved now and one of their small business experts will contact you for a free, no obligation financial consultation.

  • 401K Rollovers: Get your retirement funds free of Tax Penalties.

  • SBA Loans; Get up to $5 million in capital for your business.

  • Portfolio Loans: Leverage your securities instead of liquidating.

  • Unsecured Loans: Fast funding with no collateral required.

How 401(k) Business Financing Works

Quick Funding with No Tax Penalties

With 401(k) business financing, you can use funds from an eligible retirement account to buy a small business or franchise without taking a taxable distribution or getting a loan.

Starting your business debt-free removes the burden of having to make monthly payments as you launch your business, allowing you to be profitable sooner. Plus, 401(k) business financing doesn’t trigger an early withdrawal fee or tax penalties, so you can  save for retirement while building your business.

A Simple Step-by-Step Process

Guidant’s team of small business funding experts have helped more than 14,000 entrepreneurs access over $4 billion to fund a small business or franchise Debt-Free. We strive to make financing stress-free, and we take it a step further by eliminating uncertainty.

  1. Apply Online

  2. Free Consultation

  3. Get Funding

  4. Purchase Business

  5. Launch Business

Why should you use your 401k/IRA to fund your business?

A Quicker Path to Profitability: Starting your business debt-free will lower your overhead and eliminate risking your home equity. Without loan interest to pay, you can make money sooner rather than later.

Tax-deferred Savings: Since you won’t have to take a taxable distribution using this structure, you can save more for retirement.

Confidence in Your Investment: Unlike the stock market, this is an investment you can control. Essentially, you’re investing in yourself — and we’re betting that you’re a good risk. 

Peace of Mind: This tried-and-true structure is a fast, legal funding option that’s been in use since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act became a law in 1974.

Buying a franchise has never been easier. Complete the form to the right, and Guidant Financial will put you on the path to success.

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