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The Relocation Strategies franchise opportunity is unlike any other offering available in the market today. While our business model is indispensable in almost any region, we have very little direct competition within our industry.


Every year, hundreds of companies/offices across the country relocate to new facilities for a variety of reasons. These relocation projects require hundreds of man hours and the contracting of dozens of vendors; making the process very convoluted. This is where Relocation Strategies comes into the picture! We allow the operations/facilities employees to continue to focus on their daily production and responsibilities while we handle ALL of the setup and coordination necessary to complete a transition of this magnitude seamlessly with minimum employee downtime and no loss of production or revenue.


Relocation Strategies is the true entrepreneur's franchise.


We are currently offering franchise opportunities across the United States.




Relocation Strategies® is a consulting and project management firm founded in 1994 with the goal of providing clients with one non-biased source responsible for planning and managing all aspects of a corporate relocation.


Relocation Strategies has worked with more Fortune 500 companies than any other independent project consulting firm in the United States!


Our clients range in size from small local firms to Fortune 500 companies, including P&G, Cintas, Kellogg, etc. The types of projects we have been involved with include corporate office, manufacturing/distribution, medical, educational, banking and almost any industry you can imagine. We have been involved in hundreds of projects ranging in scope from smaller in-suite renovations to national & international projects. We ARE the experts in our field!



As a new franchisee, you'll not only be the owner of your own business with tremendous potential, but you will also be part of the national RSI network; providing revenue opportunities across the United States. You are affiliating yourself with a successful business with a long standing history and strong service reputation. Additionally, you will share the following advantages:

  • 20+ Years of Experience in the Corporate Relocation Consulting Industry
  • Outstanding Earning Potential
  • Proven Sales Methods and 40%+ Profit Margins
  • Existing Relationships with National Commercial Real Estate Firms & Vendor Networks
  • Comprehensive Training Program:
    • Inclusive of one-on-one time with the Founder & CEO Tim Haines!
  • Blueprint for a Business Model That Ensures Success
  • Master Document Library:
    • Inclusive of EVERY template & format to market, sell, operate & manage this business
  • Detailed Operations Manual
  • Ongoing Operational Support and Assistance with Sales & Project Execution
  • Territory Protection for Your Location.
  • The Opportunity to Work with Fortune 500® Corporations within Your Territory


"My interest in purchasing a Relocation Strategies® franchise began after 12 years in the commercial real estate business, I witnessed client after client attempt to manage their own transition projects with very little success.  Each client attempted to distribute the additional duties involved with their projects among the leaders within the business, which resulted in either the ‘move project’ or the ‘day-to-day responsibilities’ of several key leaders being dramatically affected.  Without fail, after all the dust settled, revenues decreased, downtime was underestimated, and extreme business interruption was experienced.  I recognized the value of streamlining and outsourcing the move project consulting and management services in order to eliminate these common transitional issues, and I am very excited to bring this unique service to the Phoenix market."

"My interest in purchasing a Relocation Strategies® franchise began with an immediate recognition of the value that this business can bring to clients, coupled with a strong desire to own and operate my own business.  The attraction only grew for me as I learned more about the business model and found that my skillset would integrate well with the skills required to be successful as a Relo Franchisee.  The decision was sealed during due diligence when I affirmed that this organization is the “real deal” and that any areas of weakness in my skillset would be coached and mentored by the professional staff at Relo Franchise Services that is fully committed to my success.  Best Decision I Ever Made!"

"The initial interest in purchasing a Relocation Strategies franchise was based upon my previous experience in the commercial real estate industry. I quickly realized how unique and essential the suite of services offered by Relocation Strategies are to any company regardless of size or industry. Since joining the Relocation Strategies franchise network, I have received the highest level of training and support which drives success for our location. Also, the overall lack of direct competition as well as the consistent demand for our services has led to growth and revenue that I could never have dreamed of!"

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