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Own Your Own Gaming and Sports
Betting Site

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Your own online gaming and sports betting site.

All revenue paid direct to you!
No middle man.

The Internet has given us the chance to earn a great revenue stream from home legally and anonymously in the online gaming industry.

Teleteria Casino Business

All-inclusive package.

YOU have a direct deal with the casino software company and are paid on the 15th of the following month DIRECT from the software company, NOT from us. All clients paid direct on all revenue streams only from Teleteria Casino.

  • Live customer service 24/7 for all your players.
  • Custom-built site satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Hundreds of games updated monthly.
  • All sporting events included.
  • We teach you how to market your site and we offer various marketing packages.

Most Lucrative Online Business Opportunity

  • Websites are multi-lingual & can accommodate players globally, encompassing over 1.2 billion potential players.
  • Check your stats 24/7 from anywhere on earth with username/password.
  • Players have option to play for fun to learn the games and real money.
  • Software loads direct to the player's desk top. Point and click action.
  • We maintain site hosting and customer service.
  • You are paid direct from software company on all revenue.
  • Work from home or on the road.
  • Total recession-proof business model.
  • Sites built and ready to go live in 48 hours.

Since 1994 Teleteria has been serving the work-from-home market with only the most lucrative opportunities, investments that tap into the biggest revenue streams available. Your online casino/sports betting site can be up and running in 48 hours!

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"I spent a lot of time searching online for an online investment. After 6 months of research I realized the online casino business held the most promise. I checked out several programs when I found Teleteria Casino. They were the only company that gave me a direct deal with a software company to be paid direct on all my revenue. It seemed like the most trustworthy package. After 4 months I have made over $50,000 in profits and ordered 10 more sites. Thanks Teleteria!"
– Heath P., Austin, TX

"I tried 4 other franchise opportunities before I did the Teleteria Casino. They all failed. I found Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria to be first rate. They answered all my questions and gave me the support I needed and I needed a lot at the start. The casino site started making a profit for me by the second month. Between the online gaming and the sports betting I am clearing over $20,000 a month. I quickly ordered 5 more sites and will grow more monthly. Thanks Teleteria."
– Alex Phillips , Orlando, FL

"Played online games for 3 years before I considered owning my own site. I found Teleteria Casino and requested their brochure.They called me same day and explained all the details. The fact that they have been in business so long made me feel real comfortable with them so I went ahead and ordered a site. I started with one and quickly ordered 3 more. The daily money I make well exceeds the initial investment. In the first 4 months my sites earned over $80,000. I wish I started sooner. Thanks Jay."
– Raymond Katz, Newport News, VA

"Very skeptical as I never did business with any company online. I requested info from Teleteria Casino and immediately got a phone call from Jay Servidio. He took the time to explain how the industry works and how my site can get traffic and profit. My husband and I ordered a site and within 30 days made back our initial investment and made a profit of over $10,000. We then ordered 3 more sites and repeated the process of marketing the sites to profit. I love it. We make money on gaming and the sports betting is huge. Thank you Teleteria."
– Marcia Gilmore, Hobart, IN

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