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The IFG 50/50 Franchise  

IFG provides cash flow acceleration to their business clients by purchasing selected invoices at a discount.

This is a financial service 'White Collar' franchise, usually run on a part-time basis from a home-office environment.

Available Areas

Opportunities available throughout the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland.


A franchise where franchisee and franchisor work together on every transaction!

  • • IFG 50/50 franchisees work primarily with expanding companies that find it difficult to attract conventional funding - it's always B2B
  • • IFG 50/50 franchisees earn an above-average return on their working capital
  • • IFG Clients can convert an invoice/s, due in 30-60 days, into a "cash-on-delivery" sale.

IFG handles the day-to-day paperwork, while franchisees handle the 'people' relationships

The Ultimate Financial Service Franchise Opportunity built on 44 years of experience.

IFG has been in the invoice discounting business since 1972, and is a market leader providing an alternative funding source for business with its in-demand financial service.

With over 40 years of experience in the business, Interface provides franchisees with a proven system, through training, a comprehensive risk management program, and a management support team with 400+ years of combined financial service experience.

IFG 50/50 franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience

BUT they all have the following traits in common:

  • • Excellent communicators
  • • Networkers and relationship builders
  • • Decision Makers
  • • Problem Solvers
  • • Self-Disciplined - taking the initiative, building & following the plan, willingness to work 'smart' rather than hard, with an established work ethic
  • • A strong business background

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