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Why Healthcare

At 18% of GDP ($2.9T) and growing, the healthcare sector is rapidly evolving. Consumers are looking to play a more active role in managing their care. Everyone is trying to be healthier, and Boomers are seeking affordable solutions to help them maintain an active, pain­-free lifestyle. Consumers from all walks of life and of all ages are embracing alternative ways to treat and prevent pain and promote overall health and wellness.

Why The Joint

Because The Joint…the chiropractic place® is reinventing chiropractic care. With a proven franchise model in a $12 billion dollar industry, we’re making quality healthcare affordable, approachable and convenient for patients—while simplifying business operations for chiropractors and franchise owners. Our customizable membership plans eliminate the need for insurance, and our no appointment policy and convenient locations make care more accessible. The Joint has more than 225 clinics open and more than 250 in development across 30 states. We are actively seeking additional franchisees / investors. 


Our cash, no insurance model frees your clinic to focus on taking care of patients, requires fewer employees, and offers strong cash flow and earnings potential. Our no appointments policy allows greater patient access, higher patient counts and a stronger referral base. Our retail setting and strong integrated marketing support, helps maximize exposure and traffic for your clinics.

Easy to Build / Quick to Open

  • Simple construction and build-outs
  • Requires minimal square footage
  • Ready entitlements and approvals
  • Approachable, friendly, non-clinical environment with consumer-friendly, quality finishes

A Simple Operating Model

  • Minimal employees (3-4) at initial opening/launch
  • Primary employee responsible for the execution of the business model is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic--a highly educated professional who has invested upwards of $200,000 in 8 years of post-secondary education (college and 4 year chiropractic college)
  • A stable workforce. No need for large numbers of specialized employees outside of the primary Chiropractor(s)
  • No inventory required for the execution of ongoing operations
  • Patient files and paperwork are electronic, streamlining operations and facilitating patients’ ability to visit clinics across the U.S.

Attractive Economics

  • The Joint’s ratio of average or expected sales vs. capital invested is outstanding—and compares favorably to many other franchises you may be considering
  • Ability to do multiple units quickly
  • Most expenses required to sustain ongoing operations of the business model are fixed. The model is service based, with little to no cost of goods sold. The lack of insurance admin means the Chiropractor has the capacity to treat more patients. This allows economies of scale to prevail once gross revenues exceed expenses–yielding significant incremental profitability

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